Sugar Maple

Scientific name : Acer saccharum
Other names: Català: Auró del sucre , Česky: Javor cukrový , Dansk: Sukker-Løn , Deutsch: Zucker-Ahorn , Esperanto: Sukeracero , Español: Arce azucarero , Suomi: Sokerivaahtera , Français: Érable à sucre , 日本語: サトウカエデ , Latviešu: Cukura kļava , Nederlands: Suikeresdoorn , Polski: Klon cukrowy , Português: Bordo-açucareiro , Русский: Клён сахарный , Slovenský: Javor cukrodarný , Slovenščina: Sladkorni javor , Svenska: Sockerlönn

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Deciduous tree with high, roundish, dense crown and strong upward reaching branches; Alternate leaves, up to 14 cm long, deeply hand-shaped five-lobed divided, of similar contour as the Norway maple, which is found in Europe, turn deep purple red in ...
Author: Bruno P. Kremer


Sugar Maple
Sugar Maple


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