Scientific name : Anacardium occidentale
Other names: Català: Anacard , Deutsch: Cashewnuss , Esperanto: Akaĵuo , Español: Marrañon , Eesti: Lääneanakard , Suomi: Munuaispuu , Français: Anacardier , Hindi: काजू , Magyar: Kesu , Bahasa Indonesia: Jambu monyet , Italiano: Anacardio , 日本語: カシューナッツ , Latviešu: Rietumu anakardija (Indijas rieksti) , Nederlands: Cashew , Polski: Nanercz zachodni , Português: Caju , Русский: Кешью , Svenska: Cashew , Türkçe: Kaju , Tiếng Việt: Đào lộn hột

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Wintergreen tree with a wide oval at the front rounded, leathery, undivided, alternate, glabrous and smooth-edged leaves, 15-20 cm long; Leaf-veins thick and strikingly bright green; Blossoms male or hermaphrodite, small, in terminal umbel-like panicles, greenish white to yellowish red. ...
Author: Bruno P. Kremer


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