Long-legged Buzzard

Scientific name : Buteo rufinus
Other names: Български: Белоопашат мишелов , Brezhoneg: Baou rous , Català: Aligot rogenc , Česky: Káně bělochvostá , Dansk: Ørnevåge , Deutsch: Adlerbussard , Esperanto: Aglobuteo , Español: Ratonero moro , Basque: Zapelatz handi , Suomi: Arohiirihaukka , Français: Buse féroce , Magyar: Pusztai ölyv , Italiano: Poiana codabianca , 日本語: ニシオオノスリ , Lietuviškai: Stepinis suopis , Latviešu: Garkāju klijāns , Nederlands: Arendbuizerd , Norsk: Ørnvåk , Polski: Kurhannik , Português: Bútio-rabo-canela , Русский: Курганник , Svenska: Örnvråk , Türkçe: Kızıl şahin , Українська: Канюк степовий

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The Buzzard has a cinnamon-brown plumage with lighter chest and a lighter head and and reddish belly and underpants. The underwings are bright, just like the primaries, and there is a darker spot on each wing. Juveniles are lighter, have ...


Long-legged Buzzard
Long-legged Buzzard
Long-legged Buzzard


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