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Norman is looking for a lover. Meet NORMAN or as call him NAUGHTYMAN his 17 months old has had a progesterone test with 100 Percent fertile results He is fully papered Vaccinated fully up to day Wormed an flaed every month Tracked micro chip And is very mischievous, Nosy, an loves answering back ! Lol Norman is very good with children and was brought for my 1 year old granddaughter who pulls an pushes him around , Norman just takes no notice an will then a little while later tugg away at the baby’s sock or shoe like he’s getting her back He loves taking dirty laundry out the washing machine as I am trying to load it up And is also I great help with shopping bags , as u walk thru the door he will have he’s head in the bags pulling shopping out esp he’s own treats A squeaky toy does not last 5 mins then he will moan an groan at me as if I have another He is a well behaved dog an was very easy to train he loves sloppy kisses an resting he’s big meat head on your lap to stroke as he falls asleep standing snoring included lol He is also very well behaved with other dogs Norman is ready to stud with another British bulldog bitch Please feel free to inbox me any questions you would like to ask

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Country: GB
Name: 0
Ancestors: 0
Age: Young
Sex: Male
Breed: Purebred
Activity: Other

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